Classes are the best way to familiarize yourself with beekeeping and the many wonderful facets of bees. We offer many classes that highlight our Organic Principles:


BASIC ORGANIC BEEKEEPING: “Grandpa’s Way of Beekeeping”–learn everything you need to know to start your own hives, from basic bee behavior and social structure, the basic methods of organic beekeeping, equipment you will need, risks to bee health and how to set up your own hive in this highly informative class that works from 3rd generation, chemical beekeeping!


ADVANCED ORGANIC BEEKEEPING: After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll want to take this class for more complicated problem-solving solutions with your bees! Advanced Organic beekeeping uses the same organic and humane methods of keeping bees as the Basic Class and also includes: Swarm prevention and capture, hive splitting, moving your bees, requeening, all natural pest control, and making the move to all natural framed hives…plus much more!


Wintering your hives is one of the most important aspects of beekeeping, and yet it is also the most misunderstood–or even overlooked–aspect of beekeeping! Make sure your healthy hive lives to see another Springtime of honeymaking! This class is designed to cover all of the bases of prepping your bees for Winter, including: bee behavior during winter, disease checking and prevention, hive requirements during winter, problems and prevention during the fall, emergency feeding pros and cons, and MUCH MORE!
3 hours


ROOFTOP/URBAN BEEKEEPING: If you’ve always wanted to keep bees in the city, but are not sure where to start, what ordinances to follow, or if working bees on a rooftop works for you, this is the class for you. Urban Beekeeping IS different from its country beekeeping cousin, and we’re here to demystify some of its processes! How do you deal with space, swarms, and neighbors in the city? What sort of rooftop design works best for your bees? What city and local ordinances must you follow? These are SOME of the questions we can answer for you!
2 hours

THE COMPLETE COMPASSIONATE BEE BUSINESS: Learn how YOU can have a business in ORGANIC beekeeping. Think all honey businesses are the same? Think again! Not sure how to run an organic honey business! We cover all the bases, from caring to your hives throughout the year, proper harvesting of honey, beeswax and pollen. COMPASSIONATE and SENSIBLE uses for your bee products, business planning, finding markets for your products, harvesting honey, creating labels, advertising and MUCH MORE! A beekeeping AND business class all in ONE!
6 hours includes beekeeping AND BUSINESS

COMPASSIONATE BEE BUSINESS: This class focuses ONLY on the BUSINESS aspect of beekeeping and is recommended, as the amended version, for those who already have BEEKEEPING knowledge, but who wish to expand on the business aspect of their bee products. Business plans, advertising, name brands and labeling, and much more are covered in this class.
2 1/2 hours

COOKING WITH HONEY: How do different varieties of honey, such as buckwheat or acacia taste? How does this all-natural sweetener react to heat and the presence of other flavors? Learn how varietal honeys accent the flavors of other foods with traditional recipes from around the world. Zan Asha will COOK her mother’s honey recipes and share them with you in this fun, insightful class! Includes honey tasting!
3 hours

~~The Ongoing Beehive: Brush up on your skills by using one of our beehives, as we inspect it on our daily rounds. Once a month. Details SOON!

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