Want bees but not sure you have time for this new endeavor? Worried about what to do for your bees? We have the answer!

Our organic, humane beekeeping principles are here for YOU! Let us do the work while you reap the rewards! We have many different levels of bee care to help you from the most basic to the most complex of beekeeping issues!


Phone Consultation: $25/half-hour
All sorts of questions can be answered in the fastest and most convenient way when you ask us over the phone. We will help you find answers to your many bee dilemmas with our half hour consultation.

Initial hive set-up and consultation: $50/hour
For those interested in setting up a hive, but who don’t know if their property is ideal for bees, or where they might keep them, we will come out, assess the area, and give you advice on how to properly place, and begin caring for your bees. Please note that the price includes travel time.

On Going Maintenance packages:

Once a month for 6 months: $350/visit/hive
The most critical and productive times for bees range from April to September in the Northeast. We will come to YOU, once each month, to inspect your hive during your hive’s productivity, and stay as long as needed to inspect each hive, asses any issues, provide answers and undergo any necessary advice and procedures to keep your bees healthy, and in honey by Fall.
*Please note: for Spring Cleaning of your hive, and Winter Prep, please see below!
*Please note, also: For more than one hive, please contact us for package deals!

Spring Cleaning: $40/hour:
Each spring, it’s a good idea to asses your bees’ health, flip your supers, clean the bottom board, and otherwise “spring clean” for your bees. We’ll come and do this, and give you an assessment of what to do next for your bees, based on what we observe.

Hive propagation (swarm prevention): $60/hour
Spring is also a key time for bee swarming! Prevention IS possible, but takes a skilled expert in hive splitting and propagation. If you’d like to KEEP your bees from flying away and INCREASE the number of colonies you have, don’t hesitate to call us!

Winter prep: $50/hour
The ravages of winter are perhaps the most dangerous time for bees; improper winter prep could mean the difference between a thriving hive, ready to gather more honey in the coming Spring, and the death of a hive! We will prep your bees, based on our own specialized methods,  for the winter so that they will have the best possible chance of surviving the difficult weather ahead!

Harvest Services:

Full Service: $65/hour
If you LOVE the idea of fresh organic honey from your bees, but you don’t have the time, or don’t want to deal with the sticky mess that harvesting can become, let US do all the work for you! We will perform all harvesting tasks, from gathering your honey frames, transporting them to our extractor, then extracting and straining the honey, and bottling it!  You’ll have great honey and you won’t have to lift a FINGER!

Extraction Only: $50
For those interested in their own honey, but who have already prepped the frames, and don’t mind bottling their own honey. We will extract the honey from the frames, and provide it to you in a bucket you have made ready for the finished honey. You can then simply place the honey in bottles, as you wish. A simple and more cost effective way to get honey!

Emergency visits:  $100/hr.

SWARM RETRIEVAL: FREE. If you see a swarm, please contact us! We cannot guarantee we can go to all locations but we will do our best to direct you to other qualified swarm-catchers/beekeepers.